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  • Clean rooms

    Clean rooms

    Special enclosed spaces which design and construction allow full control over the quality of air, especially the number of particles, sterility, temperature, humidity and pressure. The spaces are composed of metal walls and ceilings, specially made floors, glass surfaces and doors.
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  • HVAC


    Technology of indoor and automotive environmental regulation. In concrete it includes ventilation, heating, cooling alternatively air condition while the use is possible in both the working and residential environment.
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  • Clima zone

    Clima zone

    In-built within industrial production systems with special requirements on microclimate or cleanness beyond the category of clean rooms.
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Cleanroom - ConvaTec

Cleanroom - ConvaTec

Supply and installation of Cleanroom for the manufacture of medicinal products. Design work and supply of Cleanroom with an area of 600 m2 in ISO class 8.

Clean Room - AERO Vodochody

AERO Vodochody

Design and complete delivery of clean room system for production of composite constructions in aerospace industry. Includes continuous monitoring cleanness, humidity.

Biohazard laboratories - DYNTEC

Biohazard laboratories - DYNTEC

Construction of a specialized center for the development of vaccines of section preparation and storage of antigens and the construction of infectious veterinary center.

About us

The company CRAC, spol. s.r.o. It was founded in late 1992 as a Czech engineering company. For over 20 years, we offer comprehensive services in the area of Clean Rooms. We realized contracts in:


• electronics industry
• health sector
• aerospace industry
• automotive industry
• research and development centers
• pharmacy and microbiology.


We have established a successful and long-term cooperation with investors, both in terms of design-engineering as well as supplying and servicing.


We have many years experience, relying on honest and open approach to the needs and wishes of clients. We supply a complete system of Clean Rooms, including relevant professions such as ventilation, sources and distribution of heat and cold, wiring and Control system, as well as equipment or technology, ie in the form of turnkey solution. Furthermore, we supply special production premises (climazones, cold rooms, etc.) with special requirements for microclimate outside the category of clean rooms and special types of laboratories.


We are the ideal choice whenever it is technically complicated contract or with non-standard and extreme demands on microclimate. At the same time we are a suitable partner if the customer is seeking a better quality/price ratio.

Clients references

National Radiation Protection Institute "Cooperation was in all points totally professional, reliable and high standard."

Eva Čermáková (National Radiation Protection Institute)


DYNTEC spol. s r. o. "We appreciate company´s CRAC, spol. s.r.o. reliability, flexibility and high professionalism."

MVDr. Ladislav Pažout (DYNTEC spol. s r. o.)


Nanovia s.r.o."Cooperation with CRAC, spol. s r.o. was carried out to our complete satisfaction. We recommend CRAC, spol. s r.o. for realization and delivery of Clean Rooms"

Ing. Jiří Dudjak, Ph D. (Nanovia s.r.o.)


State Veterinary Institute Praha"I hereby certify that the contractor - CRAC company realized the contract successfully and all works has been executed properly and professionally with all technical requirements. During the construction the contractor has complied within the norms and regulations concerning health and safety at work and environmental protection."

MVDr. Bedřich Horyna (State Veterinary Institute Praha)

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